Where To Begin
Checking Credit
Research Before Choosing A Neighborhood
Check the Zoning
New Home Or Resale?
Think You Don't Need Flood Insurance?
Used Homes
Do I Need Title Insurance?
Be Alert For Sellers’ Tricks
Recruiting The Experts
Choosing A Real Estate Agent
The Foreclosure Market
Buying? Think Selling!
ALWAYS—ALWAYS Hire a Home Inspector
Be Your Own Inspector
Partnership Purchases
Financing Tips
Can't Afford A Down Payment?
Negotiating Tips
10 Tips For Winning A Bidding War
Homebuying Checklist
Home Warranty Tips
Can You Afford the Home You Want?
Green Building Tips


Homebuying Checklist

The checklist format is an easy way to evaluate and compare the homes you'll visit. You can compare as many as you like, and at a glance, tell which ones best meet your overall needs. Download the checklist and personalize it as necessary.

As the number of homes visited grows, you'll probably have difficulty remembering the details of each one. Take pictures, noting the address and you'll have an accurate record that will help you make a final decision. A digital camera is a valuable tool to help with this, and if you don't own one, prices start under $30.

Review the checklist and add anything you wish. Remember to put anything that will add to the comfort and enjoyment of your new home. Assigning a numerical score for each category helps in the ultimate analysis. By totaling the scores it's easy to see which homes have the best potential; then you can make an informed decision.


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