Where To Begin
Checking Credit
Research Before Choosing A Neighborhood
Check the Zoning
New Home Or Resale?
Think You Don't Need Flood Insurance?
Used Homes
Do I Need Title Insurance?
Be Alert For Sellers’ Tricks
Recruiting The Experts
Choosing A Real Estate Agent
The Foreclosure Market
Buying? Think Selling!
ALWAYS—ALWAYS Hire a Home Inspector
Be Your Own Inspector
Partnership Purchases
Financing Tips
Can't Afford A Down Payment?
Negotiating Tips
10 Tips For Winning A Bidding War
Homebuying Checklist
Home Warranty Tips
Can You Afford the Home You Want?
Green Building Tips


Want to buy a home, but overwhelmed by all the confusion in the housing market? How can you know if you qualify for a loan, and the type of loan that best fits your needs? Should you consider buying a foreclosure? Where do you start?

The BUYERS’ CORNER will give you tips and answers to your most common questions, and will help you locate and purchase the best home at the best possible price. We’ll tell you how to recruit a team of experts that can guide you to your dream home and then help you with the purchase process. You’ll find comparisons of new and resale homes, how to approach the foreclosure market, and negotiating tips that may save you thousands. We’ve also included a section on “green building” that can help you choose a home that is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.


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