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Things ChangeBuying? Think Selling!

A factor that is often overlooked when purchasing a home is the ease with which that home can be re-sold. While we may find wonderful homes in neighborhoods that meet our every requirement and plan to stay there for a lifetime, THINGS CHANGE. The unpredictable happens. Family sizes, relationships, work location, and lifestyles are not as permanent as we might wish and can change dramatically. Virtually all homes bought will be sold at some future time. Homebuyers should always think resale.

When selecting a home, the resale factor must be considered. Though the importance of resale may be less critical in certain instances, it should always be considered. The ability to quickly sell your home can have a significant financial impact. And while you may be ecstatic about finding a home that perfectly matches your unique personality, I don’t recommend buying a home that is so unique that its potential market is dramatically limited.

One final note on resale: Be careful when customizing your home with unusual colors, features, or additions. Though you find the decorating attractive, potential buyers may be turned off, unable to visualize the home decorated to their taste. Customizing should generally be limited to colors that are easily changed, and unusual features, unless important to your lifestyle, should be considered for their appeal to others. The value of such features in a potential sale will be minimal at best, and at worst, could cost you a sale.


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