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Check The Zoning

Once you’ve found what you think to be your dream home, check the zoning for both the property and the surrounding area. Your Realtor® can help you with this. Most municipalities have zoning laws to control the manner in which real estate may be used, and such laws generally benefit everyone. Zoning laws determine the density of housing in residential areas, the types of businesses allowed in commercial areas, and the proximity of commercial to residential.

Perhaps you plan to keep horses on your property, rent a room in your basement, give piano lessons in your home, offer accounting or other services from your home office, or own more than two pets? Zoning laws and local ordinances may prohibit you from doing any of those things. And what if you don’t want your next door neighbor to raise livestock or operate a business from his home? You may have no voice in the matter if the current zoning allows such ventures. Check the zoning in your area and ask about the process for changing zoning classifications. You’ll be better able to avoid the rude awakening of having a chicken farm or superstore in your backyard.


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