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Home Staging,
the Home Selling Advantage

by Kathy Nielsen

Looking to gain a competitive edge and getting your home sold more quickly? Consider having it professionally staged.

By definition, home staging is the art of preparing the home for the market so that it appeals to a broad base of prospective buyers. Builders have used the concept of "home staging" for years to describe having model homes available to tour. Those same methods used in model homes are now available to all homeowners, yet at a cost that is far more affordable than most believe.

Why is home staging so important?
Given the vast amount of homes on the market, it's safe to assume that buyers will be viewing many homes. As a result, serious sellers need an edge to ensure that their home stands out from all the others. Having a home professionally stage will not only help draw buyers from the internet, which is where most buyers will begin their search, but once at the home, will allow them to connect with the home on an emotional level.

What to look for in a professional stager?
A professional home stager should have a portfolio of their work. This will allow you to see "before" and "after" pictures and get a sense of their style. Don't be afraid to ask for references. A true professional will gladly supply many references, and should be both licensed and insured.

Are there differences between interior decorators and home stagers?
Yes. Interior decorators arrange homes based upon the likes and dislikes of the owner. Questions such as favorite colors, styles, etc… are important to ensure the home reflects the owner's tastes.

Home stagers understand that there will be a variety of potential buyers who will visit a home. As a result, the home stager creates an environment that appeals to the broadest base possible.

Things YOU can do to prepare your home for the market:
There are a number of different things you as a homeowner can do to begin the process of preparing your home for the market.

Begin with the outside and work your way in. The first impression is made when the prospective buyer hits your driveway. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the exterior neat and tidy? If not, then rake, weed, trim, and clean until it is.
  2. Is the front door clean and crisp? A fresh coat of paint for the front door is an inexpensive solution that can help create a great first impression.
  3. Are there distractions such as trees or shrubs blocking the view of the home? If so, you'll want to prune or trim to let your home shine through.

On the inside, you should stand at your front door and pretend to be a prospective buyer viewing your home for the first time. Are you impressed with what you see? Are you greeted with a home that smells fresh and looks clean and organized?

Perhaps the most critical thing you can do is cleaning, not as you normally do, but as if your most special guest is coming. Second in importance is organizing each room. For many, this means reducing the amount of items. Remember, buyers may not find your antiques or souvenirs as appealing as you do. As for collectibles, remove all of them; they are a distraction to most buyers.

In summary:

  • Clean
  • De-clutter
  • Showcase the features of your home
  • Remove collectibles

Commonly asked questions:

Should I paint and replace the carpet or give the buyers' an allowance? In the past, it was considered more acceptable that sellers provide allowances to have the interior painted or the carpet replaced. Today, homebuyers have many homes from which to choose. The objective is to give them every reason to select your home. Fresh paint and carpet can help create a great first impression.

What color should I paint my walls? You've probably read numerous articles about the importance of making your home as neutral as possible. Unfortunately, many home sellers assume that neutral means white. That is a mistake. White is an extremely stark color when used on walls. Your objective when selecting the paint color is to use warmer colors. Beige and its many variations are a much better choice.

What's the number one change that can be made to make my home more appealing? Update the light fixtures. Brass or gold plated fixtures will date your home. Today there are many affordable solutions available at local hardware stores and home centers that can make a tremendous difference in the look and feel of a home.

Are there different types of staging? Yes. Most professional home stagers offer what is referred to as occupied home staging and vacant home staging. For an occupied home, the professional stager will recommend decorating changes that should be made. This service is sometimes called a consultation, and may include a return visit to re-arrange and/or re-accessorize as necessary. For vacant homes, many stagers can supply the necessary furniture and accessories, using them to properly stage the home.

Some examples of both occupied and vacant home staging are shown in the photographs that follow.

Serving home sellers, agents, builders and investors, they have the experience, skills and inventory to help make your home and/or listing stand-out from the others on the market. Kathy Nielsen, Owner and Principle Design Specialist is considered an expert in the field of home staging. Her expertise has landed her on the pages of Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Home Improvement; Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution and will soon have one of her homes appear on HGTV's Sleep On It.

With their extensive home staging portfolio, you'll quickly learn that they have the expertise and knowledge on what it takes to make your home and/or listing appeal to the prospective buyers. Contact Georgia Interior Solutions, LLC by calling 678 522 8392.


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