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Paint Color Tips Painting Tips for Sellers:
Color Me Purple

by Kathy Nielsen

Not if you’re selling your home. Purple is one shade that will be liked by some and detested by others. Leaving a room purple or painting a room purple can actually lead to turning buyers away; hardly the objective when you have your home on the market. Your goal, when selling, is to have a color that appeals to a broad base of prospective buyers. The challenge most homeowners face is selecting the right color.

The following will provide you with a guideline from which to use in painting the interior of your home.

Choosing the Right Color:

There are some important considerations that need to be made when selecting the right color for the home:

  1. Flooring – Whether you have hardwood, or carpet, you’ll want to keep in mind that the color for the walls needs to compliment what’s on the floor.
  2. Go neutral but not too neutral – Neutral colors work extremely well as we increase our odds of appealing to a broad base of prospective buyers. However, going white (or some variation of white) can make the home appear too cold. The warmer shades of beige, for example, can add instant warmth.
  3. Furniture and accessories – The color palette in the furniture and accessories is also an important factor to consider. For example, if the color of your sofa is gray and you have a glass coffee table, then a soft gray color choice would be better than a rich beige color.

How to Add Visual Space:

When selling, it’s important to add as much visual space as possible. One of the greatest opportunities is the use of a single color throughout the home. The advantage to the buyers’ eye is that the space isn’t broken up but rather remains consistent. Another area of opportunity is the use of a dark color for small rooms. The use of a dark color will actually provide more depth to the room and again allow for more visual space.

For further home staging solutions, contact Kathy Nielsen with Georgia Interior Solutions, LLC; Atlanta Georgia’s Premiere Home Staging Provider.

Need help selecting a color? Click here for the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer.


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