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Builders and Customer Service

Although new homes may be less likely to need major repairs than older homes, there will be times when service is necessary. All homes will require some attention during the first year of ownership and your selection of a good builder will make the service process much less of an annoyance.

Builders will generally provide service for materials and workmanship during the first year of ownership, and some of the equipment will carry manufacturer's warranties for longer periods. However, the quality of service will depend upon the individual builder. Some large builders boast of having a full-time staff of warranty professionals, while a small builder may be the staff. And there are thousands of builders in between. Warranty systems are only as good as the person or persons who support them with a commitment to satisfied customers.

Remember, a builder can service a home every day, but if the customer isn't satisfied, the service is meaningless. Look for those builders with a reputation for satisfying their customers.


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