Guide to Selecting the Best Builder
The Fallacies of Builder Licensing
10 Tips When Buying from a Builder
The Deceptions of Model Homes
Common Problems with New Homes
Walk-Through Tips
Builders and Customer Service
How to Improve Warranty Service from your Builder

NEW HOMES: The Shrewd Homebuying Guide

We call the NEW HOMES section “The Shrewd Homebuyer’s Guide to New Homes” because the tips we’ve included are based upon secrets some of the largest builders use to help them sell homes. Armed with the information in this section, you will become more than informed; you will become a shrewd homebuyer, able to separate clever marketing techniques from meaningful features.

We also provide tips on how to deal with your builder, questions to ask, tips for the walk-through, and alert you to common problems found in many new homes. We’ll tell you the level of service you should expect, and techniques that will encourage negligent builder to improve their customer care.


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