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Finding Hidden Buyers

If you're using the services of a Realtor®, they should be aware of all the ways to reach potential buyers, however, you may be able to provide a few more. And, if you're going the FSBO route, then you'll have to use your creativity to find buyers that might otherwise be overlooked.

  1. Tell all your friends, relatives, and business associates about your plans to sell. They may know of someone moving into the area.
  2. Use the Internet. There are numerous web sites-type in "home sales"-where you can list your home for little or no charge. Use several sites. For those that allow pictures, submit the best and most flattering you can take. If you're not comfortable navigating the Internet, recruit someone to help you or consider using a Realtor®. Marketing your home without the help of the Internet dramatically reduces your pool of potential buyers.
  3. Make professional-looking flyers; it's not difficult with today's software and digital cameras. Post these in as many places as possible. Most grocery chains have neighborhood bulletin boards for their customers' use; and look for other opportunities in your area to post flyers. Remember, you're only trying to find that one buyer who wants your home; and they are out there. It is your job to be as creative as you can so that you reach them as soon as possible.
  4. If allowed by local ordinance, post directional signs to your home. Put them at major intersections and on busy streets nearby. But, make them easy to read and understand. Don't put them on private property without permission from the owner; but if there's a great spot you want to use, ask.
  5. Depending upon your price range and location, you may consider placing ads in real estate magazines in other cities, both within and without your state. Check with local realtors to see if there is a particular location with a high interest in your city, and, if so, place newspaper or magazine ads there.
  6. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce and business magazines to see if there are companies that are relocating or transferring people into your area. You can place ads or even see if it's possible to post something on a company bulletin board.
  7. Become an expert on your city. You may discover other potential areas for marketing. Don't be timid or embarrassed to ask for help, and continue to look for new ideas.
  8. Have a brainstorming session with family, friends, and your agent, if you have one. Sometimes the best ideas don't come from a single individual, but are grown through joint effort. Be persistent and creative.
  9. Have an open house. While many Realtors® will tell you that open houses don't work, one that is properly planned and promoted can generate that one purchaser you need. The kind of open house I recommend is aimed at local real estate offices, not nosey neighbors. Agents seem to love food. Prepare a nice spread and offer an incentive to entice them to come-a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to a luxury department store is usually enough. Get their opinions of your home, and have plenty of flyers available for them to take back to their offices.


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