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Unable To Move Up? Raise The Roof


Unable To Move Up? Raise The Roof

With the impact of the recession and housing crisis hindering those who wanted or needed to trade up to larger homes, many are faced with the reality of being unable to sell and have resigned to living in their cramped quarters. But for those who like their neighborhood and just need more space, there are alternatives. Expanding their existing home may not be out of the question simply because of property or lot restrictions; in many cases it’s possible to move up—literally.

City lots and subdivision requirements often keep homeowners from expanding their homes because of the limitations of property sidelines or setbacks. However, for those who own single story homes, there may be a solution—take off the roof and add a second floor. While the idea may sound so far-fetched that most fail to give it serious consideration, it’s not only feasible, but can offer a workable and affordable solution when you just need more space. I’ve done it successfully several times.

The attached photos show before and after photos of a 25 year old, 900 sq. ft., lake cottage that I did a couple of years ago. We removed the roof, added two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, and ended up with home with 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths.

And for those who already have a second floor, it may be possible to gain space underneath the home. If the home is on a crawlspace, it’s possible to dig a basement. In the home in the photo, we did just that, digging a 400 square foot basement under the home, where we finished a bonus room, bedroom, and full bath.

The transformation of this home was remarkable, and the additional space made it much more compatible with the current market and the needs of most buyers. Those who would like to transform their home should discuss their options with a qualified builder or contact the Housing Guru at: john@thehousingguru.com.


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