What to do When Your Home Won’t Sell
Is Now The Time To Sell?
10 Tips To Help Sell Your Home That Won’t Break The Bank
How To Determine Price
Preparing Your Home For Sale
For Sale By Owner Or With Agent?
Must Do Repairs Prior To Sale
Finding Hidden Buyers
Staging Your Home
Making Your Home Irresistible
Negotiating Tips For Sellers
10 Don'ts In Selling Your Home
What is a Short Sale?
Unable To Move Up? Raise The Roof


Is Now The Time To Sell?

A housing market struggling to find its footing; a seemingly bottomless pit of foreclosures; and prices well below the values of recent years—with all the bad news in the residential market, what do sellers do? In such a climate is it possible to put your home on the market and to sell it at a price you can live with? While the answer may not be resounding, it is a qualified yes.

Every day there are sellers who receive and accept offers on their homes that are within the price range they had hoped for. How did they do it and how can you join that group of satisfied sellers? It's not that difficult if you follow a few common real estate practices and some simple tips for selling. The recipe is simple:

  • Start with a portion of real estate basics.
  • Add determination and a little sweat.
  • Stir in a dash of marketing secrets.
  • Persist until sold.

If yours is not a must sell situation, you're in a great position. You can analyze the market in your area and see if it's possible to sell at the price you desire. If that doesn't appear to be the case, you can simply wait until the market returns. However, if you're forced to sell because of job relocation or other factors, then you have some homework to do. It is possible to sell in this or any market; it's just that today's market has a smaller pool of qualified buyers. The good news is, you only need one of those qualified buyers, and finding and attracting that one is only a matter of persistence and a little work.

Check out the sections, "Preparing Your Home For Sale," "Finding Hidden Buyers ," and "Making Your Home Irresistible."


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