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Bathroom: Replacing Toilet Seats

Elongated toiletRounded front toiletReplacing an ugly or broken toilet seat is a simple repair that can be completed in just a few minutes. While you’ll find dozens of choices for a replacement, you must first determine what type of seat you have. For most homeowners, there are only two options, rounded or elongated bowl. If you do have one of the more rare and expensive options, you may have to match a replacement to your particular brand and model.

Toilet seat showing attachment screwRemoving the old seat is generally a matter of lifting a protective cap and using screwdriver to loosen the anchor screw. You may have to hold the nut underneath as you loosen the screw. Your situation may be different; just use the appropriate tool to remove the two screws/bolts that hold the seat in place.

Generally, the only difficulty is deciding which of the replacements best fits both your budget and taste. If you are not certain which style you have, it may be best to take the old seat to your hardware store or home center and find one that most closely matches it.

Once you’re ready to install, it’s just a matter of following the manufacturer’s recommendations and tighten the two screws/bolts that hold the seat in place. Be careful not to over-tighten; tighten just enough to keep the seat from moving.

CAUTION: When working with toilets, extreme care must be taken when tightening any of the nuts that contact the porcelain surface to avoid cracking the toilet bowl or tank.


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