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General: Repairing Wire Shelving

Has your wire shelving collapsed or is it in danger of falling? Most of the installations I’ve seen have the minimum number of fasteners and support brackets, and are usually anchored into the drywall only. In order to properly secure wire shelving to support the loads we commonly place on our shelves, it’s necessary to go beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Wire shelf bracketTo begin with, I always use the strap type bracket, as shown in photo, instead of the clip type; and I space them no more than 1’ apart. The strap holds the back of the shelf securely and will not allow it to pop out, regardless of the amount of weight it’s supporting. I also try to secure as many of the straps as possible into studs, using 1-5/8 wood or drywall screws. If the shelf runs corner to corner in a closet, I always anchor the end straps into the studs that are in each corner (this technique sometimes requires running the screw at an angle to catch the stud.

Wire shelf braceI recommend placing support braces, as shown in the photo, every three feet, here again, whenever possible anchoring them into studs. Shelving installed by this method is almost impossible to overload.


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