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Painting Tips & Tricks: Color Selection

Selecting Paint ColorsOur good friends at Sherwin-Williams have graciously allowed us to share their Color Visualizer system. Use it to help you compare some of your favorite colors and apply them to sample walls and exteriors. Whether you are looking to change your interior to appeal to a wider audience or searching for that perfect color to personalize your home, this system will make your job much easier. Just select the appropriate room or exterior style and browse through a myriad of choices. With the Color Visualizer you can vary both wall tones and trim colors, and find that perfect color combination.

If you are painting your home in preparation for sale, you’ll find helpful suggestions in the sections: “SELLER’S CORNER” & “FROM THE EXPERTS.”

Click below for the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer, and let your imagination explore hundreds of color combinations.

Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer


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