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Painting Tips & Tricks: Interior Painting

Interior Paint TipsMost interior painting of walls and ceilings is done with a paint roller and brush combination. If the walls and ceilings are to be painted separate colors or if they are separated by crown molding, the ceiling should be painted first.

Whether painting walls or ceilings you’ll begin by cutting in with a brush around trim, edges, and corners. Work small sections at a time to avoid creating a “hat-band” effect. Once the cut-in is complete, begin rolling the area, working only a few square feet at a time.

If you are using a paint tray, wet the roller thoroughly by rolling it into the paint and then rolling out the excess along the raised part. While you don’t want to remove too much paint—doing so only means more trips to refill the roller—you want to remove the excess to avoid dripping paint on the floor and trim.

Continue working around the room, cutting in and rolling a wall at a time until complete. Don’t be concerned with the appearance as the paint begins to dry; it will look splotchy and will be impossible to tell just how well it’s covering. You’ll have to wait for the paint to dry completely before you can determine if a second coat will be required.


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