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Painting Tips & Tricks: Is Spray Painting Easier?

Spray PaintingYes, if you’re planning to paint the exterior of your home, spraying is much easier, but it’s not always the best choice. Painting certain irregular surfaces is generally easier with spray equipment, and the coverage will be better. Using spray equipment isn’t as easy as it may appear, and for some, may just be too much of a hassle.

If you are considering painting the exterior of your home, renting a good “airless” spray system is an option that should be considered, but there are several issues that you should consider prior to making your decision.

  • Do you have good access to the areas to be painted? Remember you’ll be working from a ladder for much of the work.
  • Rental equipment will only be cost effective if used and returned quickly. Paying rental fees for more than a weekend can be expensive. If you plan to spread the job over several weekends, renting spray equipment could be as costly as purchasing it.
  • Unless you are confident in your ability to understand and operate the equipment and feel certain you can do an acceptable spray job, consider alternative methods.
  • Spray units pose dangers and have the power to penetrate your skin, or worse, remove fingers.
  • Novice painters using spray equipment will usually get paint on areas where it isn’t desired, such as windows, doors, or roofing.

If, after considering the above, you are confident that spray painting is the best method for your job, go for it. Make sure you use “airless” equipment—the inexpensive units advertised on TV that have a cup for holding the paint are too much hassle for house painting—and ask for an extension wand which will make it easier to reach difficult areas.

Discuss the equipment’s operation and ask questions at the rental store. Request the equipment manual, and read it before beginning. Adjust the pressure to provide sufficient coverage, but be careful not to set it too high; doing so wastes paint and will make the job more difficult. Then, practice and get comfortable with the sprayer’s operation prior to beginning.


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