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Plumbing: Locating Water Shut-off Valves

Water meter boxMany homeowners never consider the location of the various water cut-off valves in their home until there is a water emergency, such as a broken pipe or washing machine overflow. A little bit of knowledge and preparedness in this area can save thousands of dollars in repairs and help avoid the panic of searching as water floods a home.

Main water cutoff and outside faucet cutoffEach home has several cut-off valves where the water can be turned off both to individual fixtures or to the entire home. Knowing the location of these cut-offs can save both money and frustration. Generally there are cut-off valves behind each toilet, under sinks for both hot and cold water, cut-off valves at any appliances (such as refrigerators and icemakers), cut-off valves for outside water spigots, at water heaters for turning off all hot water to the home, a main cut-off where the water line enters the home, and another main cut-off at the outside water meter.

Under sink cutoffThese photos show some of the various types of water cut-off valves, and while yours make look differently, you should find them in the locations mentioned above. If you don’t know where all the water cut-off valves are located for your home, it’s a good idea to find them and to note their location for future reference. Doing so can save a lot of headache and help solve leak problems.

Toilet cutoff Vanity cutoff


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