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Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips: Vacation

    Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips: Vacation
  • Turn off water supply to house. I gain peace of mind by turning off the water supply to my home when I leave for vacation. With the potential for burst pipes and thousands in damages, this simple can save you from worry and protect your valuables.
  • Turn off water heater. Turning off the water heater will save energy and will protect the heater from damage should the water somehow be drained from the tank. When you return home, always turn on the water prior to turning on the water heater and make certain it is filled before turning back on. (This is easily accomplished by turning on a hot water faucet. If water immediately comes out, the tank is full.)
  • Turn off irrigation system. Unless you live in a desert area and must have regular irrigation to keep your lawn and shrubs healthy, save money and the potential for damage by shutting down the system.
  • Change the setting on your thermostat. While there’s generally no need to maintain a comfortable temperature when you are away, if you are leaving during the winter and live in a cold climate, do not turn your heating system off. If the potential exists for temperatures below freezing, don’t set the thermostat below 55°. If your area is subject to extreme drops in temperature, you may need to adjust it even higher. For vanity or sink cabinets that are on outside walls, it’s sometimes helpful to leave the doors open to allow the warmer room air to circulate inside the cabinet.
    Conversely, if you live in a desert climate and are leaving in summer, you may need to keep the cooling system operational to avoid damage from extreme heat.
  • Set vacation timer for lighting. Those who use times or other devices to control their lighting during vacations, should make the adjustments and test prior to leaving.
  • Make arrangements for mail/newspaper deliveries. To avoid the mess and signal to burglars that no one is home, arrange to have someone pick up your mail daily. Or you may choose to suspend mail and newspaper deliveries during your time away.


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